Mega Machines

People invent machine that can help people in their daily and work needs. Machines getting bigger and better, gaining reputation for what they can do. These are just some amazing machines that are famous for their size and speed.

download10. Krupps Excavator 288

This machine is a 13,500 tons bagging machine also called the NASA’s Crawler Transporter. The machine excavate over 240,000 tons of coal daily.

9. The Liebherr T284

The Liebherr T284 is a mining truck able to carry tons of payloads. Created by Liebher over years of planning and design, Liebher built the ultra-class truck compared to a regular truck. These trucks were featured at the MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas.

8. The MV Treasure

The MV Treasure is a bulk ore carrier that packs a power of 80 Hummers and a 50,000-ton colossal metal monster bigger than a two American football pitches.

7. The Italo AGV

The Italp AGV is the fastest train in Europe and the 3rd fastest train in the world. The Italo AGV can run up to 574.8kmph and 360kmph if operational speed.

6. The Erickson Air Crane

The Erickson Air Crane can carry the external load of 25,000 pound or 11,340 kg sea level. It was built with a rear facing pilot station that will gives the pilot a clear vision of the load that was being carried and full control of the aircraft during operations and the first helicopter that was built as a flying crane.

5. The Komatsu PC8000

The Komatsu PC8000 is a shoving machine that can dig up to 52.8 ft and can load tons in a short time.

4. The Top Fuel Dragster

The Top Fuel Dragster is the fastest sanctioned category in drag racing, with the speed reaching about 330 miles per hour or 530kmph.

3. The USS Ronald Reagan

The USS Ronald Reagan is a nuclear powered carrier by the United States Navy and named after the former 1981 to 1989 president Ronald Reagan. Last January 14, 2014, the USS Ronald Reagan will replace the USS George Washington as the only front deployed carrier in Yokosuka, Japan announce by the US Navy.

images (1)2. The Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a double deck, four engine jet liner that is manufactured by Airbus and the world’s largest passenger airlines. It has a spacious cabin and the quietest plane in the sky. The Airbus A380 can accommodate 525 passengers in a typical cabin layout.

1. The PistenBully 600W Polar

The PistenBully 600W Polar can clear and level tons of snow, mostly use in ski resort this machine can make the snow smooth for skiing.